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Poole’s Maritime Heritage 1580-1730 is the title of our booklet describing the results of our work in re-visiting the importance of this period in Poole’s history. Written to appeal to younger readers the booklet looks at:

  • Poole then and trade through its port,
  • the maritime activity across the period – herein Poole, in Newfoundland and elsewhere,
  • hazards faced by seamen in those days both natural and man-made, including pirates and smuggling;
  • the better days brought about by Poole’s development during the period, in early Georgian times.
  • to provide context for the times there is also a fold out timeline of relevant events to Poole’s development covering the whole period of the project.

Resources and researches

Population and Occupations, 1580-1730
  Author: Jenny Oliver  The population of Poole is known pretty accurately from a census of 1574 when 1373 people were recorded. The first national census was not taken until 1801 so …
Poole Governance, 1580-1730
Author: Peter Dawes Independence and early development Poole was created an independent County Borough (a “county corporate”) by the Charter 10 Elizabeth 23 June 1568.  Ten years earlier, during the …
Poole’s Economy, 1580-1730
Author:   Roger Allen       Preamble Tim Lambert in his paper ‘A BRIEF HISTORY OF POOLE’ slightly amends (for the sake of better understanding today) Leland’s words on Poole made in a visit …
Poole Women, 1580-1730
Author: Katy Nutt Preamble This project is about Poole’s Maritime Heritage in the period 1580-1730 and as such it draws on research materials that largely concern the men of Poole …


We hold several events, including the following:

  • Launch event – Poole Museum
  • Sea shanty festival support – Scaplen’s Court
  • Poole re-discovered seminar – First findings from the project– a series of presentations from the project team – Thistle Hotel
  • Trip to Newfoundland seminar – Local historians shared their thinking in this workshop to imagine what the trip must have been  like – Hotel du Vin
  • Boat show display – Poole Quay

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