This project derives originally from the work of Poole Bay Rotary Club to survey and map the rights of way in central Poole in 2010 – 2011. People asked us what the alleys on the quay might have been named after and our researches led, one from another, to an interest in Poole in Early Modern Britain.

Thanks to the generosity of the Heritage Lottery Fund and National Lottery players, and our other partners and volunteers, we are now able to begin this new project. We will ensure that its outputs are as planned and to be enjoyed widely in the Poole community during the year ahead.

What must it have been like in Poole then and what was it that brought it to a hey-day in Georgian times when so much investment was evident in the town? Of course along the way we discovered many historical perspectives; the link to Newfoundland and the cod trade, the merchant venturers and their trade with the new colonies, and above all the pretty chaotic conditions at sea in those days when it came to fishing, the general movement of goods from place to place and trade. This will be the main focus of our project.

As such an important period for the development modern day Poole we felt that the story deserved further delving and retelling for the benefit of Poole’s community today. Our reflections on the lives of the three seamen Button, Bennett and Rogers will offer fantastic tales of seamanship and life then, with which to highlight the maritime heritage story of Poole. We are not clear why so little is heard of them today and think that the new generation of Poole people will very much enjoy finding out more about them.

In the course of September 2017 to August 2018 we intend to facilitate the project so that this can be done. This blog will be the repository for all that we find out and also a way by which to communicate with people on what we find and it’s balanced interpretation.